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Term Lease

For everyone who want to lease containers for a duration between three and ten years. You can choose individual term lease requirements (incorporation any specific technical specification in the design and manufacturing process, worldwide delivery, any type of ISO compliant equipment).

Financial Lease

For those who are looking for lease payments. These can be based upon full payout leases or leases bearing a residual value payable upon the expiration of the contractual lease term. You can lease most ISO compliant containers this way and all your requirements can be catered for including a wide range of pick up and on hire locations.

Recycle Business

For companies who are ready to replace older containers. You can exchange them for new ones with the difference between the sales and purchase prices. Receive payment in cash or reflected in reduce rates of a term lease or financial lease. You can even sell your containers in one location and collect the new containers in another.

New Containers

For businesses who want to buy shiny bright new containers. You can supply yourself with new ISO maritime containers from various locations around the world. No matter if you have standard or specific requirements  – you will receive new containers into positioned location. You can also receive free quotations for any type of special containers.

Order residential accommodation containers. We will deliver them directly to your destination.

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Used Containers

For those who are looking for used containers for domestic storage or project cargos. You can immediately purchase used containers that we bought from shipping lines throughout the world. If you need them to be converted into specially designed equipment such as offices, you can choose one of our partners.

Residential Accommodation

For large construction firms, social organizations and fairs who require continuous relocation (student and workers accommodation, temporary school and offices, mining and labor camps, mobile storage). You can choose residential accommodation containers or even transitional residences which are easy to transport and install.

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