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What are residential accommodation containers?

Shipping container accommodation and modular buildings are the most preferred container model with easy installation and transportation possibilities in construction sites, in different project areas, in fairs and other social organizations, in mechanized infantry military where continuous relocation could be required.

We can provide:
  • Student accommodation
  • Workers’ accommodation
  • Temporary school and offices
  • Mining and labor camp
  • Mobile storage

Looking for a way to provide living space for workers, students or refugees?

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What are the benefits?

Fast and flexible

You can provide either a rapid and cost-effective interim solution or long-term, high-quality residential accommodation. All is possible with predictable timelines, lower operating and life-cycle costs.

Needs-based and extendable

You can use building modules to create individual layout through panel walls and individual hallway modules which will satisfy all kind of inhabitant. The interior design can always be changed and it’s easy to accomplish when needed.

Easily integrated and attractive

You can build modules harmoniously integrated into neighboring environment with simple modifications, such as additional facades or subtle colours to suit the surroundings.

Sustainable and environmentally friendly

You can dismantle building models, transport and rebuilt them within few days. In the case of time-limited use of leased space, this can save considerable amounts in terms of leasing costs.

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