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Term Lease

Lease containers for a specific time duration. You can choose expected technical specifications and delivery place throughout the world.

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Financial Lease

Use financial lease based upon full payout leases or leases bearing a residual value payable upon the expiration of the lease term.

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Recycle Business

Exchange your older containers for new ones with the difference between the sales and purchase being payable in cash or reduced rates.

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New Containers

Supply yourself with new containers for both standard and special equipment. You can choose from various locations around the world.

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Used Containers

Supply yourself with used containers for domestic storage or project cargos. You can purchase them immediately from our stock.

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Residential Accommodation

Supply yourself with residential accommodation containers and modular buildings which are easy to install and transport.

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Order residential accommodation containers. We will deliver them directly to your destination.

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We build all kind of containers

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About CATU

We are a leasing container company based in Geneva, Switzerland. We are specialized in building all kind of containers and deliver them worldwide in a short period. We offer long term lease and lease agreements for all types of ISO maritime containers. We have a long established relationship with many of the industries shipping lines, suppliers and depot networks. Since 1974 we are offering our partners efficient and flexible solutions in a challenging and constantly changing market.

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Our story

Catu was formed in 1974 and was one of the first Leasing Container Company in the world. A private entrepreneur formed the company realizing that containerization was the future of transport. Now we operate in almost all countries with a strong presence in Europe.

Our Clients

We have build up a network of strategic partners in all corners of the world. That would have been impossible without long serving management team and staff with vast knowledge and experience of all aspects of the container industry.

Our Partners

Join the group of satisfied partners

To realize our projects which require a big volume of good quality containers, CATU provide us in accordance to our schedule with efficiency.- Jean-Michel Hemour, Technical Director, SECUR'ARCHIV
We needed very good looking containers for different kind of public exhibitions. That was no problem for CATU.- René Wäfler, CEO, CARRY-BOX
We asked CATU to provide us with specific containers at our yard which they provided exactly as agreed- Julien Arnold, Director of Technology, aquaTECH

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Check the story about one of the first leasing containers company in the world

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